33rd Annual Whitney M. Young Jr.
Memorial Conference and Alumni Homecoming


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    The Whitney M. Young Conference

    Mission: To design and implement programs that will serve as a vehicle for
    economic development in the Black community.

    Through the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference, the African-American community at the
    Wharton School acknowledges and memorializes the contributions and ideals of Whitney M. Young, Jr.,
    an educator, humanitarian, author and civil rights leader.

    The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference began as a lecture series in 1973 by founders Merritt Brown, Leroy Cody, Milton Irvin, and Ben Roland. It has evolved into an annual three-day event consisting of a career fair, panel discussions, workshops and receptions. It is an opportunity for students, alumni, educators, professionals and entrepreneurs to network, share ideas and gain knowledge about professional business industries and issues of interest to members of the African Diaspora.

    Decades after its inception, we are still guided by the conference’s original mission: To design and implement programs that will serve as a vehicle for economic development in the black community.

    While we have achieved much success in the area of economic development, there is still work to be done.
    This year’s conference theme is “Raising the Stakes, Broadening the Impact”. In line with this theme,
    we seek to compel the audience to:

    1. Resist the complacency of initial success and accelerate
      the game plan for black economic empowerment.
    2. Extend the collective impact of our actions beyond our immediate
      community by elevating national awareness of our social, political and economic capital

    The African American MBA Association (AAMBAA)

    Mission: To provide all Wharton students of African descent with opportunities for sustainable academic, economic, and social successes by partnering with groups that are in alignment with our strategic focus.

    Our vision is to support the continued achievement of students of African descent and to provide extensive resources to foster the successful progression from prospective students to Wharton alumni. The strength
    of our organization is predicated on the steadfast dedication of members to assist each other academically, professionally, and socially through a myriad of events and activities. For more information,
    please visit www.whartonaambaa.com

    AAMBAA Alumni Network 

    The AAMBAA ALUMNI NETWORK is a membership-driven organization of Wharton African American Alumni
    that collaborates with other organizations to achieve the following goals:

    • Support the professional and personal development of African-American Alumni.
    • Support Wharton, with a special focus on the recruitment, development,
      and successful degree completion of African American undergraduate and graduate students.
    • Strengthen African American communities to which alumni are committed particularly insofar
      as business, leadership, and investment can contribute to the development of these communities.

    For more information, please visit www.aambaa.net.

November 3Oth -
December 3rd , 2006
Loews Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Memorial Conference is produced and administered by the African American MBA Association,
a student-run organization of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.